Any boostmygrade review has a form and a pitch. The design style of the essay genre is close to conversational. And writing such an "essay" (translation of the term from the French) develops the ability to think logically and answer questions coherently, structure your answers, illustrate them with examples, support statements with facts and arguments. An essay is a prose passage without any particular composition with individual reflections by the author.

One of the main rules of creating an essay is the absence of complexity. Write briefly, do not stray from the topic, do not be ambiguous in your judgments, but also do not need to make the text absolutely correct schematically . It shouldn't even from afar resemble other genres. All the author needs for a good essay is his own thought and the ability to structure it.

These one or two paragraphs of text "introduce" the reader to the essence of the question posed and explain what will be discussed. Here it is customary to state all the facts, outline the situation, and ask the question that we will be answering.

The subjectivity of the genre does not force the author into a framework. But in order to involve and not to lose the attention of the audience, it is necessary to immediately indicate the subject, the idea and a bright spot which will anchor the discussion.

The main part
The main part also should not be clearly spelled out. But there are rules of writing, on the basis of which the author will be easier to write a perceptible text.

At your disposal:

thesis statement
You should start with the formulation of the thesis (this is the beginning of the answer to the question posed in the introduction), put forward the argumentation (justification of thought), and draw a brief conclusion. Such a structure is called circular.

You should not overload the text of complex expressions, insert long phrases and obscure terms - something that is not found in the spoken word. Sentences should not be meter long, either. The more clarity of thought, the shorter the statement, the clearer the meaning of the statement.

In conclusion you need to finish all the reasoning. It is intended to confirm that the purpose of the essay is achieved and the author can already draw a conclusion. So, if the conclusion is ready - you have done it. If not, go back to the beginning of the text and improve it until you put a point in the conclusion.


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