Clubfoot Surgery and How to Prevent It

Clubfoot Surgery is a procedure that's used to correct clubfoot, a condition in which the big toe is located at the end of the foot instead of at the center. The most common form of clubfoot is called type 1, and it affects about one in 250 children. Type 1 Clubfoot usually develops when the fourth digit (the little finger) doesn’t grow properly during early development.

Type 2 Clubfoot is caused by an overactive muscle in the leg that presses on the fifth toe, which makes it bow down and turn inward. This causes problems with balance and movement, as well as difficulty walking and standing. There are several different types of Treatment for Clubfoot available, but they all aim to restore normal foot structure by removing extra tissue or bone from around the big toe or other parts of the foot. The surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis and can be done using various techniques depending on the type of clubfoot being corrected.

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