A few days are left to get admission in the UPSC Live Foundation Batch 6, Which is very helpful if you preparing for IAS. Because StudyIQ provides this batch at a very affordable price. The UPSC Live Foundation Batch 6 classes is provided by top faculties of India and retired IAS. Our "UPSC IAS (Pre + Mains) Full LIVE GS Foundation Batch" will aid your preparation in completing your Journey to LBSNAA. This course is meticulously designed to cover the detailed prelims-cum-mains syllabus.

The essential course features are -
1. 900+ Hours of Live teaching by our faculties
2. One-to-one mentorship to keep you on track to achieve the target
3. Handmade and concise Lecture Notes, Handouts on static topics
4. MCQ-based learning for every lecture to enhance retention
5. Answer writing program guided by our experienced faculties
6. Daily Current Affairs Programme (CAP) PDF + Videos covering multiple sources
7. Benchmarking of students through weekly revision tests for students
8. Prelims Test Series to make you battle-ready for the Prelims exam
9. Gyanvani sessions by senior bureaucrats, selected candidates, and senior aspirants
10. CSAT Lectures to help adapt to changing patterns of examination.
Admissions closing on 6th October '22 Daily Live Class at 8:00 AM. Enroll Now: https://www.studyiq.com/course-detail/upsc-ias-pre-mains-live-foundation-batch-6

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