What are the Policies to Cancel the American Airlines Flight?

Cancellation is not a great deal to anyone, while seeking risk-free is the most prominent concern to all the customers. So it would be great if someone is bothering with the American Airlines Cancellation Policy mentioned below in the bullets earlier than canceling the flights.

1. As per American Airlines policy, there are restricted hours to cancel the flight without penalty.

2. American Consider that 24 hours of Booking is the restricted and risk-free hours to cancel flights with zero cancellation fees.

3. One is liable to pay the cancellation fee while canceling the flight after 24 hours of Booking.

4. American Airlines deduct the cancellation fee from the booking value if the fare is refundable when someone cancels the flight after 24 hours of Booking.

5. The non-refundable ticket holders must pay an extra amount as the cancellation fees.

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