Advantages of FedEx: The price advantage of FedEx is the best among the four major express, as well as some countries in Europe.
Service time
HKFEDEX-A-IE time limit for receipt HKFEDEX-A-IP time limit for receipt
National limitation/day/day limitation/day/day limitation
Southeast Asia 6-10 days 3-6 days 5-7 days 2-6 days
US/Canada 6-9 days 4-6 days 5-8 days 2-7 days
Australia 4-6 days 3-5 days 4-6 days 3-6 days
Europe 8-16 days 2-5 days 7-12 days 2-5 days
South America 8-12 days 5-7 days 7-12 days 4-7 days
Middle East 7-12 days without maintenance, 7-12 days
Africa 7-15 days 5-8 days 6-15 days 5-8 days
In the weight measurement method, the maximum value of the volume of a single piece and the actual weight
The weight of a single piece is limited to 68 kg
Volume limit
The highest standard of the Hong Kong Federation: the girth shall not exceed 762 cm, and the length of each piece shall not exceed 302 cm.
The highest specification of Shenzhen Federation: the maximum length of a single piece shall not exceed 2.74 meters, (width + height) * 2 + length shall not exceed 3.3 meters;
The long-distance transportation surcharge is 4 yuan each, and the other is 200 yuan, once a week, updated once a week according to FEDEX. If a single piece exceeds 68 kg, or a single side exceeds 274 CM, or a large object exceeding 330 CM; an additional delivery fee of 0.5 yuan/kg, at least 550 yuan. FEDEX telecom license fee: 10 yuan within 10 KG for the first time RMB, continued 1.5 yuan/KG US/Canada Personal housing delivery fee: 25 yuan/piece; extra-large housing delivery fee is 860 yuan/piece, and additional fuel for the month must be added. If the mailing address needs to be changed due to the wrong mailing address, FEDEX will pay 100 yuan/time mailing fee per ticket.
Tracking and Inquiry The customer can inquire the transfer order number through our company's system the next day after shipment. After the logistics company has processed it, he can inquire through the federal website
Inspection request
Within 20 days after receiving the goods, it is required to provide the recipient's name, phone number, declared English name, declared value, packaging pictures, save pictures, notify the recipient to contact the local area and provide the recipient's valid contact information, and request The recipient took the initiative to contact the local area for investigation.
Customs relations
If customs duties or other miscellaneous charges are incurred, the customs of the destination country should be responsible. If the consignee refuses to pay, the goods will be returned or discarded, and all expenses incurred will be borne by the consignor.
Insurance claim
Unshipped loss: according to the declared amount (100 USD) + transportation, up to 3 times; shipment loss: cargo loss: declared value (100 USD) + loss of transportation insurance: you can purchase our logistics insurance, out of the warehouse After that, the insurance company will compensate according to the insured price, up to a maximum of 2000 RMB
Return association
1) Return procedure: Return of goods in Hong Kong.
2) Cost: Returns that may result in the published price are based on DHL billing.
3) Returns in Hong Kong: self-recycling/separate recycling/uniform return/change delivery/destruction (consult customer service for details)
Prohibited goods
Magnets, flammable and explosive items, offensive weapons, animals and plants, currency, reactionary obscene publications and media, and items that are prohibited from being transported in other stop Europe International Express

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