Planning ahead is key for a number of reasons for students heading abroad

For those considering study abroad programs, the process can be even more overwhelming. But experts say the earlier students start the process, the better.
Planning ahead is key for a number of reasons. For one, many study abroad programs have rolling admissions, which means there is no set deadline to apply. But spots in popular programs can fill up quickly.
"You don't want to wait until the last minute and find out that the program you wanted to do is already full,"
Migration to Canada is a lengthy process, and early planning is key to ensuring a successful outcome. Students who are considering studying abroad should begin the process by researching the requirements of the country they wish to study in. They should also contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate for information on the steps they need to take to apply for a study permit.
Once the student has gathered all the necessary information, they can begin the process of applying for a study permit by submitting an application to the Canadian embassy or consulate. The student will need to provide proof of their identity, evidence of their ties to their home country, and a letter of acceptance from a Canadian educational institution.
The processing time for a study permit application can vary, so students are advised to apply as early as possible. Once the permit is approved, the student will be able to enter Canada and begin their studies.

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