FIFA WORLD CUP 2022: Argentina beat France, Messi won golden ball

The final of the FIFA World Cup was played between Argentina and France at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. Argentina won the title by defeating France 4–2 in a penalty shootout. Argentina captain Lionel Messi made a special record in his name as soon as he landed on the field in this match. He became the most capped footballer in the history of the World Cup. This was Messi's last World Cup match. He had already realized that this would be his last World Cup and he finished it off in style.

This was Messi's fifth World Cup. He made his debut in this tournament in 2006 and has played 26 matches since then. The final against France is Messi's 26th and last World Cup match. In this case, Messi left behind former German footballer Lothar Matthias. Mathews played 25 matches in the World Cup. He has also participated in five World Cups.

Cristiano Ronaldo has also played five worlds. However, he has only 22 matches to his name. At the same time, French captain Hugo Lloris also made a special record in his name. This was Lloris' fourth World Cup. At the same time, as soon as he entered the final, he had played 20 matches in the World Cup. He became the most capped player for France in the World Cup.

Messi scored the first goal in the final in the 23rd minute. In fact, on Angel Di Maria, the players of France fouled inside their box. On this, the referee gave a penalty to Argentina. Messi scored a penalty to give Argentina a 1-0 lead. This is Messi's sixth goal in this World Cup. At the same time, this is his 12th goal in the overall World Cup. After this Messi scored another goal in extra time. With this, he left Pele behind.

Messi became the top goalscorer for Argentina in World Cup history. He had also left behind Gabriel Batistuta in this matter. On the other hand, Messi is jointly fifth in terms of scoring the most goals in the World Cup by combining all teams. Messi equals Brazilian legend Pele with his 12th goal. Pelé scored a total of 12 goals in four World Cups. Messi scored another goal in extra time to overtake Pele.

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