Clean Step XTC
A device that provides automatic heat-shrinkable foiling for footwear soles for quick and easy protection of floors against germs in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, workplaces, and homes.
Why use Clean Step?
Did you know that soles of shoes may also behave as coronavirus carriers? This is so because gravity and airflow cause most virus droplets to float to the ground. In places that require special isolation from microbes, Clean Step allows accurately isolate the sole from the ground with a PVC foil that adheres to the sole, preventing the transfer of germs inside and outside.
Top Features:
Heat-shrink foil welding allows for quick and accurate protection of shoes of any shape and size.
High-quality PVC provides durable protection of the surface against dirt and microbes.
Automatic Foiling Technology: The entire process is hands-free and there is no need to bend over.
Ease of use: With built-in LCD display and high comfort of use. Clean Step allows you to secure the sole three times less time than in the case of traditional safety shoes.
Eco-Friendly: Clean step only uses biodegradable foil that is fully recyclable and minimizes wastes in the environment.
Economic: The low cost of the foil inserts compared to traditional safety shoes makes CleanStep inexpensive to use.
Clean Step XTC Guarantee: The Clean Step XTC device has a producer guarantee lifetime for covering 100000 pairs of shoes. The Guarantee time is 12 months from the date of purchase of the machine.
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