Steps to take if you are injured working on a construction site?

In case of any eventuality, while working on the construction site, follow the steps below to report your employer about the accidents and injuries. It is highly recommended to call New York Construction Accidents Attorney for getting legal help to avail yourself of compensation.

Report the accident to your employer, and you will get the benefit in two days, firstly, whatever has happened to you will come to the notice of the employer which is very important. Secondly, your employer will further submit the report to OSHA or New York State. It is also an imperative step if you intend to apply for workers' benefits and report the accident if necessary.

As per OSHA rules, your employer gets only 24 hours to file a report about the accident. Failure to do so means a violation of the law and if found guilty employer will have to pay a fine between $5000 to $ 70,000 as per the OSH Act of 1970 Section 17.

If your case falls under the New York Labor laws of the New York Industrial Code, you can fill out an online form to report any discrepancy or violation on the work site. You can report your grievance in the workplace, with the objective to remain anonymous. You can also call the Task Force hotline at 1-888-469-7365.

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