Next-Generation Sequencing Market: By Product And Service Type (Pre-sequencing products and services market,( DNA fragmentation, size selection, A-tailing, and end repair, Library preparation and target enrichment, Quality control), Sequencing services market (Targeted sequencing/gene panels, RNA-Seq, De Novo sequencing, Exome sequencing, Chip-Seq, Whole-genome sequencing, Methyl-Seq, others ), Next-generationn Sequencing, Data Analysis, storage, and management (Bioinformatics) market (NGS data analysis software & workbenches, NGS data analysis services, NGS storage management and cloud computing solutions)), By Technology (Ion semiconductor sequencing, Sequencing by the synthesis (SBS), Nanopore sequencing, Single-molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing), By Application (Drug discovery, Diagnostics, Agriculture and animal research, Biomarker discovery, Precision medicine, Other applications),BY End User (Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Centres, Hospitals & Clinics, Others), and Geography

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