The Genizer Jacketed Liposome Extruders is compressed air-driven and temperature-controlled, from testing to manufacturing production of liposome and lipopolyplex, for drug and gene delivery. Homogenous samples can be produced quickly and easily in minutes; typically 5-10 passes are sufficient to produce a sample with uniform liposome size. Genizer Jacketed Liposome Extruders are designed to generate homogeneous unilamellar liposomes and Lipopolyplex. Extrusion is a one-step procedure that produces liposomes by forcing lipid suspensions of drug, protein or gene through track-etched filters of defined pore size. The process is relatively gentle, exposing the formulation to moderate pressures up to 3,000 psi at controlled temperatures. The Genizer Jacketed Extruder offers virtually no dead-volume, is easy to clean, suitable for sterilization and in compliance with FDA and GMP sanitary standards in pharmaceuticals.

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