How Pawning Helps You Prepare for Celebrations With Big Expenses

Filipinos love to celebrate a lot of things, and sometimes, they go a little overboard with the preparation. They rent spacious halls for the occasion and invite dozens of guests, including relatives and close friends.

Many people think that since weddings, christenings, and other events are once-in-a-lifetime occurrences, it’s totally fine to spend thousands of pesos for them.

Finding and eventually marrying the love of your life can build up a lot of excitement and joy. That’s why couples often want the celebration to be as memorable as possible.

Here’s a list of basic things the couple needs to prepare for the event:

Wedding outfits for the bride and the groom, as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen
Wedding planner or coordinator
Reception hall
Decorations for the church and the event place
Wedding cake
Food and souvenirs for the guest

Baptism is a religious event done to welcome an infant to the Christian faith. It’s a sacred and solemn event, and parents often hold parties to celebrate the fact that their baby has just become one of God’s children.

Seventh Birthday
It’s hard to pinpoint the reason Filipinos consider the seventh birthday special. Some say that it symbolizes the child’s entry to the age of accountability. After all, many people believe that at this age, kids already know what’s right and wrong.

18th and 21st Birthdays
To commemorate a person’s coming-of-age, Filipinos hold “debut” parties. For girls, this is done on their 18th birthday, but boys do it when they turn 21.


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