Paulsen's Pharmacy has been serving the people of Portland, Oregon for many years from its convenient location at 4246 NE Sandy Blvd. Over the years of service, our neighborhood pharmacy has earned a solid reputation for excellence among locals.

Paulsen's Pharmacy is located on Sandy Boulevard, making it convenient for both locals and tourists. Its convenient central Portland location makes it a top choice for locals in need of Rx drugs, OTC remedies, and professional medical guidance.

Paulsen's Pharmacy has a team of committed pharmacists and employees that put the needs of their customers first and work hard to make the pharmacy seem like a second home. They are dedicated to providing each client with the individual care, advice, and prescribed medications they need for optimal health management.

The pharmacy provides a wide variety of services to address patients' varying healthcare requirements. Paulsen's Pharmacy not only offers fast and precise prescription filling, but also medication synchronization, treatment management, and counseling services. Medication regimens, patient knowledge, and treatment adherence may all benefit from the assistance provided by these programs.

Paulsen's Pharmacy not only fills prescriptions, but also sells a large variety of OTC drugs, health and wellness aids, vitamins, and supplements. It's a one-stop shop for all of a customer's healthcare requirements since all of the basics are available under one roof.

Paulsen's Pharmacy has a staff that is sensitive to the need for low prices and easy access to healthcare. They collaborate closely with insurance companies to streamline the billing process and provide reasonable rates for their services.

Paulsen's Pharmacy is dedicated to more than just serving its customers well. They host health fairs and other educational activities to raise public awareness about the need of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a result of these efforts, the community now looks to the pharmacy for healthcare advice and products.

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area and need a refill on a prescription, some expert assistance, or just a consistently pleasant and helpful pharmacy visit, Paulsen's Pharmacy on NE Sandy Blvd is where you want to go. Their attention to individual patients, expertise among their team, and involvement in the local community make them an excellent choice for medical treatment.

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