Located at 900 Morton Blvd, King Pharmacy Hazard has served the community of Hazard, KY, since 2001. As a result of the pharmacy's dedication to its customers in Hazard and the surrounding region, it has earned a reputation as a premier healthcare provider.

King Pharmacy Hazard is committed to meeting the individual requirements of each of its clients via the provision of high-quality pharmaceutical treatment and individualized service. The pharmacy's staff is well-known for its warmth and expertise, as they are committed to their patient's health and happiness.

Patient and family services are extensive at the drugstore. They also sell health and wellness products. King Pharmacy Hazard's trained team answers questions about doses, side effects, and more to help patients understand their prescriptions and treatment regimens.

King Pharmaceutical Hazard provides more than just standard pharmaceutical services; they also provide expert medical aid. Pharmacists provide pharmaceutical therapy management, in which they collaborate with patients and other healthcare professionals to enhance adherence to prescription schedules, reduce adverse drug reactions, and achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. People with numerous drug needs, such as those who have chronic diseases, can benefit greatly from this service.

Vaccinations against widespread illnesses including the flu, pneumonia, and shingles are among the immunization services provided by the pharmacy. To guarantee patient safety, these services are provided by licensed pharmacists who adhere to industry standards of care and regularly participate in continuing education opportunities.

In addition, King Pharmacy Hazard appreciates the value of the ease of access in the modern day. Patients may easily manage their drug regimens from home thanks to their convenient online prescription refill and transfer services. The pharmacy works together with doctors' offices and health insurance firms to make filling prescriptions as easy as possible for everyone involved.

King Pharmacy Hazard is pleased to be a helpful member of the neighborhood. They routinely host health fairs, seminars, and other educational and preventative health initiatives. Their goal with all of their community outreach is to provide people with the knowledge they need to make healthy choices for themselves.

In general, King Pharmacy Hazard is a dependable pharmacy that cares for its clients' well-being and contentment. Because of its helpful employees, a wide range of services, and dedication to community involvement, King Pharmacy Hazard is a vital healthcare resource in Hazard, Kentucky.


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