Cut a small piece of Gambir Sarawak Bark and place it in the palm. Drip a few drops of water onto the Gambir Sarawak Bark. Twirl the Gambir Sarawak Bark with water for until you see the water turn into white liquid. pply the white liquid onto the male private part (penis) before sex and wait for about 15 mins for it to dry. Wash your private part (penis) clean with soap and water after 15 mins and you are ready for intercourse after that.

The purpose of this product is basically to help the user to last longer in bed. This is a product whereby it is used you will feel that you are able to last longer in bed by when you are in bed with your partner. This product will allow both you and your partner to bring sexual experience to the next frontier. She will enjoy and look forward to encounters with you again as no one else will ever come close to that kind of performance.

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Sarawak , Malaysia

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