How can I change my reservation on Spirit Airlines?
Are you someone who has made Spirit airlines reservations, and now you wish to change them? Well, you can call the Spirit airline customer service number. Also, you can connect through other methods s well.

Let us go into details on Spirit airline's change flight policy.

What are the Spirit airlines flight change policy?

When modifying or canceling your Spirit Airlines reservations or bookings, keep the following in mind:

Your Spirit Airlines reservations are amendable up to one hour prior to departure.
Within 24 hours of making your reservation, Spirit Airlines offers free changes and cancellations.
If you modify or cancel your Spirit Airlines reservation more than 24 hours after making the reservation, there will be fees. Refer to this page for information on modification and cancellation fees.
You will receive a Future Travel Credit (good for 60 days) to use toward any available travel on Spirit Airlines if your new fare is cheaper than the original fare.
If you cancel a Spirit Airlines reservation online, you will receive a USD 10 one-way voucher (up to USD 20), which you can use to pay for future travel as long as the reservation's value is less than the cancellation fee.

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