The bean-shaped organs referred to as kidneys are about one-third the width of a fist. They are located beneath your ribs. While most people have two kidneys in good health and one kidney, it is possible that you can remain healthy and fit. A kidney has a myriad of functions. One of the principal tasks is helping in the elimination and elimination of toxic substances. The urine (pee) is the waste product that the kidneys remove from your blood.

If your kidneys aren't functioning well, this can result in kidney disease and increased waste materials in the body. A few signs of kidney infection symptoms are:-
A reduction in urine output
Due to fluid retention, the ankles, feet and legs may get swollen
Toughness in breathing
Irregular heartbeat

The ability to manage this condition at appropriate timing is crucial to prevent kidney failure. If treated properly, many people can overcome kidney damage. The identification and assessment of kidney damage that is suspected are the first steps to diagnose kidney disease.

The majority of the time, a comprehensive assessment of the person's medical history and physical examination come first. Diagnostic tests, like kidney function tests, are used to evaluate kidney function, identify any irregularities and pinpoint the root of the problem.

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