How do you fly with an emotional support animal in Delta?

Flying with an emotional support animal on Delta Airlines is straightforward but requires planning. Contact Delta's Special Assistance team in advance for forms and requirements, considering Delta Airlines Pet Policy Emotional Support animals. Have a recent mental health professional's letter. Ensure your animal behaves well and arrives early at the airport. And follow these steps to fly in Delta with your pets.

Advance Notification: Notify Delta 48 hours before the flight.
Required Documentation: DOT-approved form, letter from mental health professional, and animal health form.
Animal Requirements: Minimum age of four months, appropriate behavior, and trained for designated relief areas.
Accepted Animals: Cats and dogs only.
Behavioral Guidelines: Well-behaved, leashed or in a carrier.
Size Restrictions: Must fit in passenger's foot space.
International Travel: Check country-specific regulations.

Please note that airline policies can change over time, so it's crucial for passengers to check Delta's official website. For more information about ESA on Delta Airlines visit the Airlinespetpolicy site or call the helpline number for live support.

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