A Good Angel is a music video for people who love celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year's, but also for people who do not always feel comfortable during the Christmas holiday season.
We wish you all a very happy holiday Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year
'A Good Angel' was written in 2020-2023 during COVID-19 by Bozenna Intrator and Ira Lawrence Rosoff in Florida as a Christmas / Hannukah / New Year's holiday song... Ira and Bo decided not to let the Covid-19 lockdown make them depressed and take away their creativity. They were walking around in Clearwater and came up with many ideas for new songs.
It was April 3, 2020, Bo's birthday. Ira and Bo were walking like every day, and suddenly they noticed a cloud that looked like an angel in the blue sky, so they decided to call the Christmas song that they were working on A GOOD ANGEL.
20 years earlier, In 2000, Bozenna Intrator / wrote in Polish lyrics to her first hit song, A KTO WIE - it was the title song for a silly Christmas comedy. The song talked about Christmas in an unusual way and became the most often played Christmas song in Poland (until today), touching people's hearts and giving them hope.
'A Good Angel' is a song that Bo and Ira wrote with the thought that, like Bo's Polish Christmas song, it would give people (who don't always feel very happy around Christmas time) strength and make them feel good during the Holidays...
A Good Angel' was released on November 17, 2023, and is the fourth single, announcing Ira Lawrence Rosoff's solo album COUNT TO TEN, which will be released on December 6.

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