Park Ji Hoon discusses his dual roles in the upcoming fantasy romance drama "Love Song for Illusion," set to premiere on January 2, 2024. Based on a popular webtoon, the historical fantasy romance narrates the love story and intense obsession between Crown Prince Sajo Hyun and a woman who loves him. Park Ji Hoon plays both Sajo Hyun, a fashion designer hiding his royal identity, and his alter ego Ak Hee, a charming character cursed to feel pain on physical contact. Expressing his affection for the characters, Ji Hoon highlights the sincere nature of Sajo Hyun and the romantic sacrifice of Ak Hee. The drama promises a captivating blend of sweetness, saltiness, and bitterness in the exploration of pain and love. For those interested, the drama can be watched on MyAsianTV.

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Navi Mumbai, India

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