Candidates may submit their dissertation for examination in permanent hardback binding, in paperback binding with plastic overlay, or in temporary secure binding.
(2) For the purposes of the examination, one copy of the submitted dissertation should be sent by the Department’s nominee directly to the external examiner, together with an Examination Result and Report form.

(3) Taught Master's dissertations are no longer automatically deposited in the National Library of Wales,
however successful dissertations will be deposited in the University of Wales Newport library. Dissertations are only deposited in the National Library:
(a) if deemed by the examiners to be of Distinction standard (irrespective of whether or not the candidate is awarded the degree with Distinction, for which he/she must also have passed Part One (the written examination) at Distinction standard);
(b) if they are in the fields of Celtic Studies, Welsh or Welsh History;
(c) if they do not meet either of the above criteria, but are considered by the examiners to be of particular relevance to Wales.
One copy will be retained for the departmental collection. Please read an interesting topic at

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