Alfred is a middle manager in his late forties. He has performed well for the company without ever being a high flyer and his present role as Section Head in Systems Development is probably as high as he will go. At his last appraisal interview Alfred raised the subject of his future in the company with his manager Lawrence, and the latter was rather vague in his response, whilst reassuring Alfred that he was a valued employee doing a good job. In fact Lawrence was beginning to be slightly concerned about Alfred's job performance and this unease has grown. In particular Alfred seems to be less effective in the afternoons. He has always gone out at lunchtimes to a local pub and Lawrence is wondering if he is drinking too much. He even has a suspicion that Alfred may be keeping and sampling a bottle in his office, but cannot be certain. There have been no major errors, and Lawrence finds it difficult to say exactly what is wrong. Should he take action now, and if so what, or wait and see if Alfred's work deteriorates further?

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