You can have a go at including that port as a special case to your firewall on the server. You can likewise attempt an alternate port like 65101 or 65200. On the off chance that you go to the charge provoke on the server and sort in "netstat", you ought to have the capacity to check whether 65101 is open and "tuning in". On the off chance that you change the port number from the system match up benefit box, you will likewise need to transform it on the remote by going to Tools>Manage Connection Information. While your in there, ensure the server name is right also. ACT! can't associate with the match up server. I'm running ACT! Premium 2011 on my work station and workstation. When I go to adjust, I irregularly get the message "Demonstration! can't interface with the synchronize server. Check to make sure "acknowledge approaching sync" is empowered in the principle database and that the Network adjust benefit is running." On my work area PC, when I go to Tools > Synchronize Database, Accept Incoming Sync isn't checked, and when I go to check it, I get a mistake saying "Couldn't begin match up server. ACT! has experienced a mistake . Be that as it may, on the off chance that I go to services.msc, it says ACT! System Sync Service is running. I could have sworn I've possessed the capacity to synchronize with this as may be, and now I'm quite befuddled and have no clue how to settle this. Would someone be able to please enable me to get see how to get this designed effectively for the last time? the ACT! System Sync Service introduced, yet you might not have the database added to this. On your PC with the fundamental database, do the accompanying to confirm you have the database setup legitimately to incoming matches up. Snap Start, point to Programs, point to Sage ACT! System Sync Service, and afterward click Sage ACT! System Sync.

or on the other hand In the Windows Notification region (base right of your screen), right-tap the Sage ACT! System Sync Service symbol, and select Show/Hide. On the off chance that you have effectively set up the administration and you have to roll out improvements to databases or the port number, you have to stop the administration first. Right-tap the Network Sync Service symbol, and select Stop Service. Else, you will lose your progressions. In the Sage ACT! System Sync Service exchange box, do the accompanying. unfit to associate with synchronize server.

(1)To include a database, click Add. Peruse to the area of the database to screen, and snap Open.

(2)To expel a database, select it, and snap Remove.

(3) Click Port to change the default port number for the administration to tune in to. Sort another port number in the field. Snap OK.

(4) Click Start Sync Service to begin the administration.

(5) Click Exit to close the exchange box.

This blunder will come about if the Publisher (Parent) database isn't open, isn't configuredto Accept Incoming Syncs - or- - in the event that you can't get to the envelope containing the Publisher database.

Issues getting to the organizer in which the Publisher database is found have been recorded in thefollowing circumstances:

(1) Ensure that the Host database is set to get Synchronizations.

(2) The PC name was entered inaccurately for the host PC in the Sync Server Connection exchange box.

(3) You are in an unadulterated IP arrange without NetBIOS/WINS empowered and are not ready to associate by PC name.

(4) You are endeavoring to associate through a link or DSL switch to your inner host PC.

(5) Windows XP or other Personal Firewall programming is obstructing the port we're endeavoring to impart on.

(6) You have Application Synchronization empowered when it was setup as a Network Synchronization.

The administration restarts when you restart the PC. When you delay your pointer over the Sage ACT! System Sync Service symbol in the Windows Notification zone, a tooltip seems to let you know whether the administration is running. I have quite recently set up the new ACT 2005 for workgroups on my windows 2003 server. I have stacked my remote database on my PC and can match up in case I'm associated with the system. However, in the event that I attempt to associate by VPN with a mapping to the database catalog, it returns with a blunder that peruses " Unable to interface with the synchronize server, contact your overseer for help". I can't do that, I am the chairman! Does anybody have any pieces of information with respect to what could be causing this? Is it accurate to say that you are utilizing Premium for workgroups? On the off chance that so you can utilize the system match up instrument to distribute the database on the system, else you need to leave the database open in ACT keeping in mind the end goal to adjust with it. I am utilizing Premium for workgroups,with the match up server running on the server. I have had a go at all that I can discover on the knowledgebase and like I stated, I can match up fine insofar as I'm on the system, yet it's a no go in the event that I attempt it VPN. I'm setting this up for the sales people and they will all entrance it by VPN so this is a "major" issue. You are endeavoring to associate with the adjust server for Application or Network Synchronization when you get the accompanying mistake message: "Match up comes about: Unable to interface with the synchronize server. The fundamental association was shut. Unfit to associate with remote server. Contact your director for help."

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