There are plenty of websites offering today's football accumulator tips but the surprising thing is that all these sites boast of providing real tips. How is this possible that two tipsters give different tips and claim to be true? And these fraudsters ask outrageous charges for fake tips.
Should I pay for betting tips?

It is difficult to answer this question as it depends on you. If you can break soccer betting odds, there’s little need to buy today's football accumulator tips. But if you are new to soccer betting and afraid of losing bets, it is advisable you take help of a leading tipper. But you should be aware of the fraud tipsters that are making money by offering fake tips.

Here’s how to escape from the clutches of fraud tippers
· Don’t be impressed by unrealistic strike rates: Ever tipper has a winning percentage that shows his winning chances. But most tipsters optimize these numbers to attract eyeballs. There are many examples to show that tippers fake numbers and forge documents to look reliable. What they do is they count only success.

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