How to Keep Cloud Storage Secure
Cloud storage has a variety of benefits and advantages but there some things where the cloud storage lacks. The security assurance is one it which must be a matter to concern. Still, when there is no security or fewer security measures, you can follow the tips mentioned below and enhance the protection of the stored on cloud storage. The guide is here with the list of some methods and tips to increase the security.

Here are the tips on how to keep cloud storage secured
1- Backup Data Locally
Whenever you are storing data on cloud storage, backing it up is a piece of advice which everyone needs to follow. The electronic copies of the data can be accessed even when the original is compromised or lost. One of the best methods to keep the data secured is backing up the data in other cloud storage or an external storage device. It would be better to create the back up in both storage platforms as the external storage device will be helpful during unavailability of internet connection.

2- Do not Store Sensitive Data
If you are concerned about security of the data and information, then it is highly advised to avoid storing sensitive data in the cloud. Any information related to credit or debit cards details, passwords and contacts must be stored in an external device rather than storing it on a cloud service. The external storage devices are accessible too but are safer than the cloud service. The external storage device can keep the data unexposed to any malware programs.

3- Encrypt Data
Some cloud storage services provide the local encryption feature giving more privacy to the data. The data stored on the cloud storage gains double security because the encryption disallows accessing the files and folders. Also, encryption takes some preventive measures and protects the data from administrators and service providers. Once the data is encrypted, the files are required to be decrypted before accessing.

4- Install Antivirus Software
Before proceeding to any further steps and tips, download a trusted antivirus in your computer and let it help you secure the internet connection. Any malware will be disabled or blocked before entering the system, and the security software will keep the data stored on cloud service will remain safe. There are a lot of antivirus packages available online offering the protection to the system, and also to the internet connection to provide the enhanced security. In other words, the online activity and the data stored on cloud service becomes untraceable to the programmers.

5- Create Strong Password
The strong password will always be a challenge to the programmers. Hence creating a strong password will keep the data secured. But, creating strong data only once will not be enough and thus, keep changing the password to make the situation more challenging to anyone with bad intentions. Remember when creating the password; always include the upper and lower case combining with symbols and numbers. The combination of symbols and number gives strength to the password.

To secure the data on the cloud, these tips and methods are the best approaches. These mentioned tips are offering the security to the data, and hence by following them, anyone can create a more secure and friendly atmosphere around the cloud storage. Adopting the methods will help you in maintaining the files safe for a long time.

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