Andaman and Nicobar Islands the glistening dots of lands in the Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal is a sheer pleasure to visit. -
The cluster of around 300 islands has primary avenues of palm trees, lovely white-sand beaches, tropical, and mangrove rainforests. Tourists love experiencing the coral reefs with an abundance of marine life like the sharks — the most popular activities, of course, include diving and snorkeling. If you wish to have a glance at the indigenous Andaman Islanders who live in the remote islands, you might get lucky enough!
The seafood lover person can go crazy by just seeing what all Andaman Nicobar tour package can offer, the new unlimited variety that one can dream for. Seafood is a real delicacy on Andaman and Nicobar islands; however; they are even a home of exotic tropical fruits and vegetables

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