I have moved up to Web X5 Professional Version 16, as it has the Sagepay mix included. I have added the alternative for Sagepay to my site and included my merchant Id and Encrytion Key. When I attempt to process the payment through, I get an error Sagepay Error Code 5080:Form exchange enlistment fizzled, came back from Sage. Sage have tried both my merchant and encrytion subtleties and both work.

Reasons for SagePay Error 5080
Scrambled Password:

Structure Transaction Registration:

Other specialized errors:

Impacts of SagePay Error 5080

It is obvious that clients having the above issues should confront the results. In this way, clients will be destined to get the beneath results which may influence their work procedure. These are as per the following:

Enlistment: Without structure exchange enrollment, further procedures won't be conceivable which may bring about halting of the work for some time.

Framework slack: Due to specialized issues, clients may confront a few issues including framework slacking which abatement the presentation of the framework just as programming.

How to fix the issue of SagePay Error 5080?
Coming up next are the arrangements which clients ought to withstand to fix the error issues. These are as per the following

Check Encrypted Password: Users ought to pursue the underneath ventures for setting the issue of the encoded secret word. These are as per the following:

Encryption secret phrase composed by the clients ought to be right. In the event that the encryption secret key is off base, at that point the grave string will not be right causing the above issue.

Clients can obtain the encryption secret word with straightforward signing into the administrator board of SagePay. Make a point to sign in as an authoritative client. In the event that it is right, at that point clients must check the encryption procedure and the correct technique to guarantee the powerful working of Sage Pay prerequisites.


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