Seoul Metro - The Future of Public Transportation of the World

Public transportation system makes it a lot easy for us to fulfill the commutation requirement in a speedy and cost-effective manner. The world is heading towards a technically advanced way of carrying people from one place to another by means of flights, trains, tramps, buses, and more.

But most diversified and really called the future of transportation is Seoul’s underground subway system. Popularly known as the best in the world with a way it carried around 6.9 million passengers on a daily basis and running successfully for 12 years.

Really speaking Seoul has done something of unthinkable with a way the metro system is organized and running successfully for many years. Underground shops, food vendors, vending machines, clothing line, and more are the usual scene of the stations. On the other side, cooling systems, charging bins, and Wi-fi service inside the line are off plus points for all the commuters.

Another thing to notice is Seoul’s metro stations located within a short walking distance away. This makes it simple for commuters to walk towards home in a speedy and cost-effective manner.

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