TCP Accelerator
TCP acceleration is a crucial aspect of data transmission across networks. The series of techniques used to this end serves to ensure better throughput on a network(s).
For instance, in the case of Wide Area Networks such rules and procedures designed to govern reliable transmissions can dramatically improve system efficiency and overall user experience.
The best part about it is that this can happen without effecting any changes on the network infrastructure.
To take adequate control in this regard, there is need for a complete TCP accelerator to facilitate better (typically high-bandwidth, low-latency) communication.
Ideally, a perfect solution should help anchor an intent-based network thereby allowing better connectivity.
A good TCP accelerator will therefore offer the following benefits to network users:-
• Improved quality of experience
The primary aim of Transmission Protocol acceleration is to ensure faster data transmissions from one end to end. With a reliable acceleration solution, network users can communicate more promptly without additional effort or investment. The resulting efficiency leads to hassle-free use and attainment of objectives.
• Creates reliable networks
A good TCP accelerator reduces inefficiencies such as the need for retransmissions and longer feedback times. A network can therefore be relied upon with at all times to achieve different organization objectives.
• Increases rate of return
The end result of better system performance boils down to savings in time, effort and connectivity costs. That way, individuals can limit network operational costs while maximizing returns.

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