Roku setup

You can only use Roku properly if you set it up for streaming. For the Roku setup firstly the process begins by the connection of the HDMI cable and then plugging in the cable in the HDMI input. Then the Roku has to be connected with the AC adapter. Choose the suitable input on the Roku device. Now the Roku screen will appear. After that insert the batteries on the remote and pair the remote. In the language options select the language preferred. Set up the network connection for the device and the updates will install. Use the remote and test the programs. Go to the Roku site on the phone or computer. At last, you can create an account in Roku for future use. This account will help you to use Roku by adding and purchasing the channels in the store.

To know more about the Roku setup process give a ring to our representatives +1-844-661-1050 or visit our Roku setup website

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