Starting my own business with a six-month-old baby girl at home might seem like an inopportune moment, but for me, it was the right time to start providing body massage services in Trichy. One night, when I picked my daughter up from my mother’s lap, she was already asleep for the night and I had missed those precious moments of bath time and tucking my child into bed. But I knew things needed to change so that I could be there for my daughter for small and big events.

Better hours are a necessity and I sought out the best way to do that. The need for a massage center enabled me to be my own boss and not only have better hours and a schedule I set for myself. Whilst starting my business, it was easy to feel overwhelmed balancing my business and family but my family has always instilled in my power of yes. And if negative thoughts crept in, as often do when we are striving for perfection or starting a new task, I just think back to my father’s encouraging words, “You can do this!”

My father has always corrected me when I say “I can’t”. He says “yes you can”! My parents support my passion and thus I can freely express myself by letting paint rainbows, frogs and bubble names on my bedroom’s walls were the best childhood and teen years ever. They inculcated me that I can do anything if I try hard enough. We need to stay focused and grounded, and never give up while doing it all the right way.

Once the initial fear had melted away and I had hit my stride as an independent spa owner, I now spend time training and researching so that I may continue to better myself and my business. Thus, my clients getting the benefit and also my sense of pride and the betterment will affect all the lives that I touch.

I advise anyone thinking of providing body massage services in Trichy “If you can go ahead and get a little bit bigger of a massage center. It is perfect at first but once you get the product lines you want to carry in and your rhythm needs a little bigger space. It has been wonderful. I love being able to have my little space and decorate it exactly how I want.

Moreover, my clients love the privacy my spa provides and they love how we can one on one time. I feel it is not only better suited for the stylist but also the client. The atmosphere at my spa is wonderful, nice and laid back. It is the best decision I can ever make. I have had quite a few walk-in clients, calls from the izydaisy website wanting to book an appointment for the body massage services in Trichy. Also, clients like privacy my spa provides and they have been raving to their friends about my spa and I have got a lot of new referrals and love.

I like to make my clients feel comfortable and love to see the joy when they see themselves in the mirror. Their excitement means I have done my job and that means I succeed in providing body massage services in Trichy.

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