Complete the following instructions
• Start by unboxing the printer from the package.
• Remove all the protective covers, Styrofoam, bubble-wraps, etc.
• Make sure to remove the tapes from the movable parts of the printer.
• Once you remove all the casings, look for the power cable inside the package.
• Connect the power cable to your printer, running from the wall-socket for a steady supply of power.
• Once the power source is connected, turn the printer ON.
• Refer to the quick start guide for basic instructions.
• Now, complete setting the basic preferences like the language, country, time, etc. Install the papers into the paper tray accordingly.
• Install the ink cartridges on your printer.
• Do not handle the cartridge by holding it at the “strip” part. This will damage the cartridge’s printing quality.
• Push the cartridges into the slot until you hear a click sound.
• The click sound indicates the proper locking of the cartridges at their slots.
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