Companies and consumers have never had the possibility to talk and connect with each other before the emergence of a social platform like LinkedIn. Lead generation is very important for any business whether it is big or small. LinkedIn becomes the most professional social platform for B2B lead generation for your business growth. LinkedIn is an extensive online network for professionals, companies, and students to connect with each other from around the world.

LinkedIn enables them to connect with each other and make healthy relations.

LinkedIn offers business owners to collect a massive quantity of B2B leads. LinkedIn has a huge amount of wonderful resources that can be considered as the best quality lead. With my personal experience, you can get the best B2B Leads from LinkedIn. If you want to export data from LinkedIn then you need Data scraping tools from LinkedIn. Without these tools, you may use Exporting data from the LinkedIn manual. It is a very hard way and time taking for any B2b lead experts to extract all data of target prospects on LinkedIn manually one by one.

Here is LinkedIn Lead Extractor Scraper Tools to extract data from LinkedIn automatically. By using the LinkedIn company extractor tool you can extract companies or an individual’s profile such as business name, phone, email, skills, etc. LinkedIn company extractor tool then lets you automate your lead generation method and can extract data in minutes.

Also, you can extract candidates and other profiles data from the following tools.

1) LinkedIn Lead Extractor Tool

You can extract all profiles of data from LinkedIn by using the LinkedIn lead extractor tool. You can extract contact information like names, emails, business names, phone numbers, etc from LinkedIn.

2) LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor tool

By using the LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor tool you can extract candidate’s information and if you need contact details then this tool extract information from the LinkedIn Recruiter. By using this tool you can search for a company or an individual’s profile such as business name, phone, email, skills, etc.

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