Why Email Marketing is important for business growth?

In 2019 Email Marketing is significant and vital for building relations with new clients, leads, existing customers, and likely to be customers. Email Marketing gives your business sales experts the possibility to speak directly to your customers at a time that is convenient for your clients and prospects. For business success, email marketing is still the most efficient way to reach prospects that have some interest in your business products or services. It is revealed that more than 34% of individuals worldwide prefer email for communication. That's the reason the email database is an asset to use it for different promotional campaigns, from time to time offers, discounts, updates, new arrivals.


Collecting email addresses to create an email list or database manually is difficult. For extracting millions of Email addresses I suggest the best email extractor software.

Extract Email Addresses from Google with Cute Web Email Extractor

For extracting millions of emails from the internet, specific websites or even local files Cute Web Email Extractor is the best software I am using for the last 2 years. This best software I have ever used in my business marketing career. Cute Web Email Extractor extracts valid email addresses from popular search engines (i.e. Bing, Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, Baidu, Mail RU, Rambler, etc), targeted websites and local files on the computer.


It is easy to use and customize-able email extractor software. It can automatically search email addresses from web pages and generates well-formatted Email addresses without any duplication. You can search and extract emails of your business targeted people based on keywords.

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