THE AWESOME Solution for Mumbai Office Space

Looking for Mumbai office space just got easier! We’re going to come out directly from the gates and let you know this is 100% a promotional article on our firm, – Mumbai’s #1 commercial real estate portal & real estate agency. That’s right #1, and not even close to #2.

We are awesome. And that’s that.

Why is Jagaha so awesome?

I suppose we can entertain that question. & it’s database has over 30,000 direct commercial properties in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai – that’s right direct, actually in direct contact & representing the owner and/or developer – no extra middlemen in the way, that always seem to complicate things, by always we mean 98 to 99% of the time. That number is impressive; it’s more than any other real estate property site that caters to Mumbai. We are not done, to boot, every single property on has been visited by a member of our staff.

Those property pictures you see on They are real.

The video you are watching of the property? That’s real too.

The information on the property itself? That is verified and it is real.

Other property sites suck, we rule.

For the online search for Mumbai commercial real estate we are King (or Queen) – we’ll happily take either title.

But it gets better, finding properties is not as easy as shopping on Flipkart or Amazon. You actually have to visit the property itself before finalizing. Many require consultation services from an expert.

Jagaha has got you and your firm covered.

We have specialists for each region of Mumbai and specialist, who we internally call Real Estate Advisors, will consult with you, shortlist properties on your behalf, show you the properties, show the properties to you again – and for as many times as your heart desires and will represent you all the way thru until the deal is done and you successfully have your next office space in Mumbai or any other commercial property for that matter.

BOOM. Jagaha did it AGAIN!

We hope this article made you smile. We humbly would love your business & we take great pride in connecting our clients with the perfect commercial property from shops for rent in Mumbai to office space for rent in Mumbai as well (and if you are looking to buy a property, we do that too!). At Jagaha, we realize the importance of finding a property for your firm that meets the businesses needs so that your business can thrive. Happy to be of service.

Move Forward with

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