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  • Based on the TIOBE Index for June 2016 Java is now more well-known than a variety of widely-used programming languages, including C++, Python, C#, PHP and JavaScript. The statistics on usage posted on various websites illustrate the immense popularity and importance of Java in the present day world. Java is an all-purpose programming language. Certain developers prefer to use Java to build desktop GUI applications as well as other developers create numerous web-based applications using Java... [more]
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  • Why is testing Necessary? Human errors can lead to the development of a error and/or inability during any point of the software development cycle. The consequences are classified as either trivial or catastrophic, based on the impact that results from the error. The need for strict testing and the associated documentation throughout the development process is due to the following reasons: To identify defects To reduce the risk of flaws within the system or component Enhance Quality of... [more]

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