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  • Eating Of Pork Is Haraam In Islam & Christianity - Islami Lecture It’s about pig. Basically, I would like to know, what exactly is the meaning of haram? Like, is for us religion like Islam? It won’t accuse anyone of being wrong. Yeah. It wouldn’t say something to be so wrong. Why is pig haram, because I had attended a Christian convention. And over there, it was told, like there was this priest who was saying that why I spoke Haram in Islam uh he gave an example saying that like, the same rubbish, like, it was used as manual for the plants, the plants, like supposing it was a mango tree, mango tree, the mango grew, the roots had absorbed the same nutrients, the same rubbish, it grew into mango, and we consume it. So how is it different from consuming it in pork and the mango? [more]

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