Aggregating Coworking Spaces in Mumbai,Thane & Navi Mumbai

Our online commercial property site in Mumbai recently rolled out the option of coworking spaces in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai where on our property sites’s homepage one can choose a specific section for Mumbai coworking spaces and filter by price, area (carpet area) and neighbourhood.

In just a few weeks, has already sixty-five coworking spaces in the Mumbai metro area which includes Mumbai coworking spaces, Thane coworking spaces and Navi Mumbai coworking spaces. We use the term coworking instead of shared office or serviced office as coworking is by far the most popular searched term now in the segment, but cater to all three with the head of coworking.

For users, all you have to do is inquire on the coworking spaces that you find appealing and a representative from our commercial property site will discuss with you via phone, email or sms/whatsapp the coworking spaces and answer any questions you might have. Thereafter, if interested in seeing any of the spaces our coworking space team will set up an inspection for you to see the properties. We know the coworking spaces and which ones would make the most sense for you and/or your businesses needs and requirements and’s coworking space team would be happy to assist. is a startup here and we know how difficult it can be to start your business. With that said, we are very much excited in helping any starting businesses find their first office space in Mumbai. For many new businesses budgets may not be the highest and we understand this; in turn, we will not be charging any fee to any business that is looking at specifically coworking spaces in Mumbai, Thane or Navi Mumbai. We are doing this because we want to support small and upcoming businesses and we also want to build excellent relationships with these businesses for the future. If you are looking for a coworking space whether it’s a Mumbai coworking space or a Navi Mumbai coworking space, our online commercial property site will assist you from start to finish free of cost. Let us know which properties in Mumbai interest you and we’ll take care of the rest.

For those that work at or own a coworking space in Thane, Navi Mumbai or Mumbai, do let us know if you are interested in marketing your property in Mumbai on our online property site, It is free to list where we will send a member of’s Mumbai coworking space team to your coworking space to take pictures, videos, take down information then uploaded it to our property site where it will be easily viewed for all those users and potential users of coworking spaces in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai. Lastly, one of our USP’s is that we also to cater to the more traditional office space for rent model and many users come to our Mumbai property site for this reason and in turn we tend to also get larger requirements of 2,500 to 30,000 square feet for office space for rent in Mumbai. So if you have a larger coworking space in Mumbai then we could also look to assist in landing larger clients as well. We would say this is one of’s biggest USP’s versus the other coworking space aggregator website.

We are happy and excited to be part of the coworking space segment in Mumbai’s commercial real estate market place. Let us know if you have any questions. Cheers!

For more information about the property or request to see more such properties like these connect with us by inquiring on or via Mail – also you can directly call us on 9029000670 right now!

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