My Mumbai Office Space Search

I just did an office space search in Mumbai on several of the major online India real estate portals – they’ve come a long way over the last few years, but they’re just not there yet. In fact, they are nowhere close to “there” yet.

Photos. Many of the properties don’t have photos. If they do have photos most have nothing to do with the property itself, just the surrounding area. The photos tend to be very generous with pictures of other random properties kilometres away from where the office space actually is! I found this to be the norm, not the exception with most of my search results.

Here is an example of a very average property post that I just pulled up. Again, this post is rather average meaning I did find better posts on India commercial real estate portals but it’s better than others in that this post

1) actually has pictures &
2) the pictures aren’t complete fabrications.

This particular post had 4 pictures, 3 of which were pre-development artistic drawings of the Capital Building in BKC. Now these drawings are typically used to entice buyers to buy before the building’s construction is completed, the problem is that the Capital buildings was built many years ago and a real picture would have been extremely easy to attain. Posting drawings is nothing short of being lazy. The fourth and last picture is one that actually shows the inside of the property, but don’t think that it will be an actual photo of the office space. That would be boring. It’s a close up photo of a rather unimpressive toilet. Amazing right?

It would be interesting to hear other people’s search results. If there are any bizarre search results you come across let us know.

The Jagaha Team

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