How to handle complaints at your hotel like a pro?
December 9, 2019|Hotel Marketing

Being in the hotel industry, you must know that guest complaints are unavoidable. Dealing with them can be one of the hardest challenges for any member of your staff. It is quite a stressful situation and not all of your employees, especially your newly-hired hourly employees, can take the complaints and handle them like a pro.

It is an absolute must that you train your employees well. If you don’t train them, you can’t blame them. If they get a complaint and they don’t know how to handle it, it’s not their mistake but yours.

Treat your employees like soldiers. Give them the weapon to win the war. If you look at the top properties worldwide, you might wonder why they do better than you when they also have the same brand and the same facilities as you. Their biggest secret weapon is script play.

Take the ballplayers as an example. They do not just go out on the field and learn how to play on-the-spot. They prepare for any type of situation that will arise on the field and they are trained to respond like clockwork to each one of these situations before they actually happen.

The same thing goes for dealing with guest complaints. In order for your employees to be successful in handling them, their training must simulate real-life situations. They have to script play what kind of response to give, what to say exactly, and how they are going to say it. They have to practice saying the script so that their tonality and facial expressions are appropriate.

There are many different factors to consider in your script play, including your location. What part of town you are located and which country you are located should matter. It depends a lot on your culture. There is no exact template on how your responses should be but you should at least have a plan.

Make sure that your plan is communicated to every member of your staff. Your employees should be doing the exact same thing and they should be getting the exact same results. If one is doing well and another is not, there is no consistency in the implementation. If there is no consistency, it would be difficult for you to find out what is working and what is not.

Lastly, evaluate your plan regularly. Make sure whatever changes you come up with applies to everybody so you will know if it truly works.

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