How to improve your hotel’s sales?
December 16, 2019|Hotel Marketing

What an amazing question! How can you improve your hotel sales? This would probably be an 8-9-hour discussion for us to cover every aspect. But I’m just going to jump right over to some very simple facts that will immediately give you some to do items to get started with.

Hotel revenue is like a pipe.

Here is how I see your hotel revenue; it is just like a pipe. The pipe where your revenue is coming through to your hotel. And we need to find out all the holes within that sales process where you are losing your sales revenue. Phones, do you have great phone call quality? Does the client complain of hearing static in the phone line? Does the client have to wait a long time to speak with someone when they call the hotel? The pictures in your website, are they updated? Does is it let potential guest take a virtual tour of your hotel? Your relationship with your third-party websites, there are so many avenues to market and sell your hotel through that, if you do it right, bookings should never be a problem. The type of property management system that you are using. The agreements that you already have in place. Your revenue management, hotel owners do accept the fact that proper revenue management strategies can boost occupancy, but some don’t consider it something crucial to a hotel’s success. The truth is it is a vital part of the hotel business. Revenue Management helps drive down hotel costs, helps attract the ideal guest and it helps improve demand forecasting and branding. All these little things play a role in your entire sales process.

Look at the entire sales process.

There is no right or wrong sales idea before you have seen the results. You must be creative; you must experiment and take actions you haven’t taken before. We must look at the entire sales process. We must look at it as if it is an old hotel that you already know, you might have purchased it recently but its already been at that location for 10 years. We can look at the data from 2 years or 4 years. We cannot compare the entire revenue year to year. That is why we have all these different reports, STAR reports and things like that. That gives us more data than by just looking at the revenue. We need to identify what type of business we had in the past. Meaning, we must break it down to segments. What was our group revenue, what was our local negotiated rate? What kind of business we had from our franchise last year? What kind of walk-ins, how many walk-ins we had? We must get all these facts and see at what part we are missing our numbers. Because usually when we talk to the owners, they look at the entire numbers and would say my numbers are down 10% from last year. Okay, great. But are you down with your group, corporate or is it from a specific account that we had from last year that we don't have anymore? Is it a specific online travel agency that was producing a lot of revenue for us? Did we have a pay per click ads that was working last year that's no longer working?

I can go on for hours and find all these different facts and things that might make a difference in the entire sales process. So, if we might be a service, you like us to find out how we can get those facts in detail for you. You can give us a call at +1 888 999 8086 or visit us at

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