Hotel Sales Order Takers vs Aggressive Personalized Hotel Sales
January 4, 2021|Hotel Marketing

In an internet-denominated world where everything can be practically done online, it is not surprising that many people would think of telephone sales as an obsolete method to sell. While it’s true that online reservations now dominate hotel bookings worldwide, it doesn’t mean that the internet has become an absolute replacement for telephone sales. Phone sales should never be set aside, even in the age of online bookings. In fact, online bookings and telephone sales can and should work together to get as many hotel reservations as possible.

What you can do in telephone sales:

1. Tailor the conversation to each customer

A telephone call is an excellent opportunity to directly connect with prospective guests. This direct and personal connection makes it easier to convert them into a sale. Conversations can be used to the hotel’s advantage by collecting information such as the guests’ reasons for travelling, and whether they’ve been in the area before. This allows the business to effectively address the guest’s individual needs, and provide a better overall experience.

2. Provide suitable options and simplify the transaction

Phone sales isn’t as simple as quoting prices over the phone. That is what the website is for. Hotel sales staff should be able to recognize the opportunity to introduce relevant and useful options to allow guests to reach an informed decision, before finally closing a sale. In addressing concerns however, it’s not recommended to send clients back to the hotel’s website. Chances are, they’ve already been there. This step only lengthens the sale process, causes frustration, and makes them less likely to book with the hotel. It is always best to get all the customer’s concerns addressed in a single call.

3. Streamline the call process

In attempting to make a sale over the phone, sales staff should stick to the basics: being polite, thanking the customer for calling, and working to meet their needs. Avoid following a word for word script. This takes away the individual needs-based conversation with the caller. Instead, there should be a flowchart to guide staff through the booking process. This makes the phone conversation more natural and personalized.

4. Equip and compensate the sales staff
side from providing proper training to the hotel's sales staff, it is also crucial to invest in their continued professional development. A mystery-calling initiative can be used to evaluate their performance and provide material for follow-up training. It is also a good idea to provide incentives such as commissions, although this will vary greatly between hotels. Bezla offers services that can help you effectively market your property.

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