How to Market Your Hotel with Innovational Concepts
January 25, 2021|Hotel Marketing

Even if a hotel is already doing well, it’s always a good idea to introduce innovating concepts to the market. Doing so takes the business up a notch and makes sure that it has something unique that sets it apart from others. Coming up with new ways to be different and becoming a trendsetter in the industry can pave ways for greater opportunities.

It is understandable that at first, it may seem like experimenting and coming up with new innovations will only add up to higher expenses. Yet, if you think about it, by not taking that chance, you are passing up on the opportunity to be at the forefront. By not taking action today, you are essentially allowing other businesses to come up with it later. If you don’t do it now, one way or another, another business will. In this industry, it is very important to stay ahead of the race. It does not pay to be a mediocre hotel.

Before backing out on the idea of innovating, always consider how much you would be losing in the future by being left behind, while your competition jumps on every opportunity to innovate.

Having a unique selling point gives any business a head start. Often, it has something to do with where the property is located. However, a reality that you have to acknowledge is that not all properties are in prime locations. But this also doesn’t mean that they should stay behind and perform less.

Here are a few tips on how to innovate your business from being a common, ordinary hotel, to a top-drawer choice for guests:

Start with having a specific goal

What exactly do you want to achieve from the innovation you’d like to introduce? Contrary to common belief, innovation does not always mean you have to spend money. Anything you introduce to provide a better experience for your guests can be considered an innovation. Some hotels focus on making their guests’ stay extremely memorable that there is no need to spend anything on advertising. A remarkable hotel stay is one of the finest selling points that you can have for your business because it practically sells itself. It literally costs nothing, and in today’s age of social media, it is the easiest way to get the word around. Not only are your previous guests sure to return, they are going to make reviews and recommendations to other people, organically creating a bigger pool of potential clients. As you know, word-of-mouth is a very powerful thing in business. And you can never go wrong with having excellent service in your foundation.

Consider individual-based service

Excellent service comes in many forms. This is because there are different kinds of clients, each with different sets of needs, and it is extremely important to consider these things in laying out your plans, including your staff’s training. A very personalized approach in attending to your guests can create a favorable impression and give them a memorable experience. It can make them feel important and taken care of, and who doesn’t want that?

Anticipate issues and have a ready solution

Always put yourself in the guest’s shoes. If you were a guest in your own hotel, what kind of accommodation would you have wanted and what personalized service would you have appreciated? It is crucial to have a clear vision of the many possible scenarios and issues that a guest might find himself in, and have a ready solution even before the need arises. Anticipating all potential concerns and being prepared is unquestionably better than having your client flag you for one, and not having an immediate resolution.

Know your clientele

Are they mostly business people who come in from long flights? Do you get a lot of foreigners who might not be English speakers? Do you market yourself to students or backpack travelers? These are examples of useful questions to start with. These are the kinds of questions that can help you address their unique and individual needs.

A good example is handing out complimentary drinks to guests. This service is not uncommon anymore. In fact, it has become a standard in most, if not all hotels. One might think handing out complimentary drinks should be enough to make guests feel welcomed. Actually, it is not. Knowing who your guests are can make a big difference in your client’s experience. It can give you a better clue on what kinds of drinks they would prefer and appreciate. For many customers, these little personal details count and add up to the overall favorable experience that they will remember about their stay.

Think of large-scale innovation

While paying attention to the smaller details of your customer experience is essential, looking at the big picture and coming up with a service that solves a bigger problem is also important.

Large scale innovations usually involve offering a solution to a problem that goes beyond the individual needs of a guest. A perfect example would be the introduction of capsule hotels in Japan in the late 70's. This innovation hit two birds with one stone by solving the problem of having limited building spaces, and catering to guests who choose to be practical and efficient. It has since been a hit not only in Japan but in other countries as well, proving that the introduction of this innovation indeed solved a big-scale problem.

Our communities are dynamic and constantly changing. Over time, as people evolve as a community, there will always be a need for something new and different. This means there is always a window of opportunity to introduce an innovation in your business.

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