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May 2, 2021|Hotel Marketing

How to market your hotel to pet owners:

One of the noticeable changes in hotel clients' behavior in recent years is the surge of interest in traveling with pets. In the past, bringing pets on holiday was pretty uncommon, and this niche used to make up a tiny portion of the market. With the dawn of social media and the emergence of social influencers, more and more travelers now think it's cool to bring along pets on holiday, which prompted hotels to accommodate increased pet-related requests.

With this new trend becoming a norm in most hotels, it just might be worth jumping on the bandwagon to add value to your customers' experience. Making your hotel pet-friendly is an excellent way of making your hotel more attractive to clients.

Never forget that you are catering to different groups of guests. Welcoming a new niche into your market doesn't mean you should compromise the comfort and convenience of your existing guests. Don't forget that not all of your guests in the building are pet owners, or traveling with pets, so they have different needs and requirements. It is essential to define a strict set of rules regarding pets on the property to set boundaries and restrictions.

While we know that hotels are expected to be flexible and are usually encouraged to go the extra mile to keep clients satisfied, managing pets in your hotel requires a different approach.

It is essential to be clear and firm with your guidelines to avoid any misunderstanding or disagreement later on. It is always best to indicate in your terms and conditions which animals are allowed, which breeds are welcome, and the responsibilities of your pet-loving clients. Examples of limitations that you can set are the breed, size, weight, or the number of pets allowed in each booking. It is also crucial to point out to your pet-loving guests that not all areas of the properties are open for their four-legged companions. Again, this step is vital in making sure that you are also looking after everyone’s interests. Not all guests can be around animals for various reasons, especially health and safety.

Again, establishing your terms and conditions from the start and making sure they are clear and understood during the booking process will help save you and your customers from any surprises and unwelcomed inconveniences during their stay. Laying out your guidelines ensures that pet owners know their responsibilities and limitations while on the premises.

With pet-friendly features now in your roster of services offered, make sure that your pet amenities have the same top-notch quality as the rest of the hotel's facilities. Pet owners would greatly appreciate it if their pets receive the same level of service they do, which puts much more value on their own experience.

A helpful tip on how to develop animal-friendly ideas is to list down all the added value and benefits that you offer to your clients and adapt them to suit your animal guests. For example, most hotels have a spa or a gym. You can have a version of these facilities mainly made for pets to play and socialize with other pets. You may also have a special room service menu specially designed for cats or dogs. In-house pet-sitting service is also a great idea and is best for guests who would like to take a short break and enjoy some quiet.

Remember, whether you're dealing with human or animal guests, it is always all about adding value to their experience. It is about adding those little touches that make their stay convenient, memorable, and unlike any other. Do not be afraid of innovating and introducing new services, especially if it answers a need or a problem.

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