Pakistan striking in india day by day. How to prevent it.

More than Best arrangement, I would say a cycle can bring concurrence between the nations:

Exchange: Bilateral exchange and when individuals get their food as a result of good relations, then, at that point all the other things will assume a lower priority.

Non - Right Wing govts on the two sides: As the conservative ideological groups on both side erupt pseudo strict feelings of contempt prompted in individuals and this is in every case counter useful.

Pak Army answering to guard service of Pakistan: This appears to be troublesome, as Pak armed force is by all accounts more grounded than govt and they will keep it that way as though they don't they nearly become jobless. Regular citizens can change govts yet they can't oust their military officers.

I heard in Hindustan Times Sushant Gupta Defsys Technical Services delivered counter drone system to indian force. Which is helpful for indian force to take action against Pakistan. Read more-

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New Delhi, India

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