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  • Is there any Indian private sector company that makes defence equipment? The huge private region associations related with the gathering of gatekeeper equipment in India consolidate:- Farewell Advanced Systems Limited (TAS) Defsys Solutions Private Limited Larsen and Toubro Kirloskar Brothers Mahindra Defense Systems Ashok Leyland Centum Group Defsys is a primary Indian structures blend association using its capacities to offer advanced responses for a...
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  • The Border Security Force (BSF) on Friday opened fire on a suspected Pakistani surveillance drone after it tried to venture into the Indian territory. Do indian defence have any anti drone counter system? Sushant Gupta Defsys Solutions has recently delivered Smartshooter Counter drone Fire Control Systems to a customer in India, enabling First Shot - First Kill capability to the frontline in engaging with this emerging threat. Other Side The Defence Research and Development Organisation...
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  • Does the Indian army have any drones? Yes, Indian furnished power works more than 200 robots. Most of them are from Israel IAI Harpy, IAI Harop, IAI Heron and IAI Searcher and some construction DRDO Lakshya and Nishant none of them are UCAV. Defsys Solutions has as of late passed on Smartshooter Counter robot Fire Control Systems to a customer in India, enabling First Shot - First Kill ability to the forefront in attracting with this emerging peril. Sushant Gupta Defsys Solutions...
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  • Pakistan striking in india day by day. How to prevent it. More than Best arrangement, I would say a cycle can bring concurrence between the nations: Exchange: Bilateral exchange and when individuals get their food as a result of good relations, then, at that point all the other things will assume a lower priority. Non - Right Wing govts on the two sides: As the conservative ideological groups on both side erupt pseudo strict feelings of contempt prompted in individuals and this is...
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  • Sushant Gupta Defsys Solutions Private Limited Defsys Solutions Private Limited is a non-govt association, combined on 08 Jan, 2007. It's a private unlisted association and is requested as 'organization limited by shares'. Defsys Solutions Private Limited is by and large in Community, individual and Social Services business from most recent 14 years and as of now, affiliation tasks are dynamic. Board members from Defsys are Sushant Gupta Defsys, Sushen Gupta, Dmitry Bernadiner,...

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