In this compelling video, Tom Richards is interviewed regarding: the success of the romantic fantasy novel Dolphin Song and how it is relevant to today's changing world and loss of morality, ethics and trust; his thoughts on the non-fiction book A Survivor's Guide to Living in Ireland and how it has influenced his creativity; the launch of Always Come Home, the psychological thriller inspired by the writer's own True Story, and how 2 million people every year, all over the world, are involuntarily committed to Psychiatric Units. Richards expounds on his own true story, and how the hellhole of psychiatric units, improper medication and diagnosis, can lead to a lifetime of cruel incarceration. As Richards states: "This can happen to ANYONE. Even you or your relatives. Beware, people watching this video. Remember, this could happen to you RIGHT NOW. If someone knocks on your door, it could be the goons from the psychiatric unit and the cops, waiting to take you away to a lifetime of misery."

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