A CALL FOR READERS from Tom Richards and Storylines Entertainment Ltd.

Hi all - I'm doing the last write with my editor on LOST LOVERS, a unique, often funny but sometimes sad story about Grace, a young strong woman from Swahili. See below for the description of this novel.

I'm looking for a few people to read this final Manuscript before publication sometime late this summer. It's a quick read in that this is a Novella of only 20,000 words or so. If you're interested, contact me via Messenger or Email (tomrichards141@gmail.com) and I'll send you this Last Write. If you have any notes either include them in the Word doc you'll receive or send them separately via Messenger or the above email address. All those who read it will receive a credit in the Final Section of the book. Depending on the numbers who contribute, the first five people who read the Manuscript and get back to me with their address will receive a FREE COPY of Lost Lovers.

With so many thanks - Tom Richards

To order your Paperback or eBook go to: www.tomrichards.ie For more information or to chat with the author email: tomrichards141@gmail.com

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