Top 5 StarLeaf Alternatives
StarLeaf is an app that supports chatting, audio and video calls. It is an easy to use app that requires users to download it and run it on their devices. One of the disadvantages of the application is its poor connection at times. You may need a better browser than what you already have, or install StarLeaf’s web software. The other downside is that it supports fewer users at a time as compared to other video apps.

You are also required to sign up for the app to be able to use it. Besides, a StarLeaf video call only accommodates five people. It is such disadvantages that necessitate the need to find alternatives to StarLeaf that will give you a better experience with less or even no frustration.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

It is a renowned name in video conferencing. You will be able to conduct virtual meetings smoothly without Internet connection interruptions. This StarLeaf alternative is super user-friendly with an easy to navigate the screen. Users can join meetings and contribute in an orderly manner. You can sign up by using your Google or Facebook account, meaning you will have less passwords and user names to remember in your lifetime. This is something StarLeaf does not offer, as you will have to create a new account with them. The app allows you to schedule meetings online, share desktops and interactive whiteboards, record online meetings, and more.

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2. Hangouts

This is an interesting StarLeaf alternative. With it, you are in a position to host Google video conferencing calls as a group of 10 or on an individual-to-individual basis. Hangouts are usable on all devices, including Android, iOS, Macintosh OS X and Windows OS. It also allows you to chat with up to 150 participants, sends images and emojis. Video calls to Hangouts subscribers are free. Remember Google owns Hangouts, so you can always make connections with your Google voice account for a thrilling experience.

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3. Skype

It is one of the great StarLeaf Alternatives. Skype is a well-known app for video calls. Besides, the Skype for business version is better suited for business settings. The app ensures you have a great time online, be it on a video call or video conference.

It also allows you to send texts. The main features that make Skype a catch for many video call enthusiasts is its ease of use and user friendliness. It does not have any technical terms. It is usable on phones as well as PCs. It has many users, increasing the probability that the person you want to call has the app.

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4. GoToMeeting

Meet with up to six people on a video call. There is a two-week free trial in case you have some doubts about GoToMeeting. Generally, it is a great video conferencing software that has features to make your virtual activities a lot easier than StarLeaf. For example, its clear connection gives you high-quality audio and video. The fact that only seven people can have video chat at a time means the system is not overloaded. This makes it easier interacting and fastens conversations or meetings.

It supports devices running on Cisco and Polycom. You can always schedule meetings or hold impromptu ones as long as you send participants invitation messages. Like ezTalks Cloud Meeting, GoToMeeting is basically a great StarLeaf alternative.

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The name of the app alone already insinuates what it does. It has an elegant design with eye-catching colors that look amazing on any screen. Apart from video calls, you can also use this StarLeaf alternative app for audio calls. It is suitable for both phones and desktops. In this way you can hold or join a meeting from wherever you are. Share whatever material you have in an online presentation. Its connection is convenient, allowing the app to operate even with slow Internet speed.

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The reason as to why there is a variety of StarLeaf alternatives is that users have different needs and preferences. Therefore, among the top 5 alternatives, you should get one or two apps that work well for you. Look at the features, the design, and usability of the app you are considering. Such factors will help you decide which one is the best for you. If you have the time, you can try all the five apps for different occasions and see your virtual experience change in a positive way.

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