We are bringing in our Invoices from a custom statement framework/invoicing program. We frequently have a few lines for each receipt. It was functioning admirably for a while and now we are getting a "receipt number effectively utilized" blunder message. We are including both the Number of Distributions and Invoice/CM Distribution field data. In any case, I think we have the 2 sections turned around. On the off chance that there are 3 lines on a receipt we have a 3 in the Number of Dist. field for every one of the three lines and the Invoice/CM Dist. field lines are 3, 2, 1 individually. Is this right, or do we have them reversed?Number of Distributions Import Problems. I'm having a watercraft heap of issues with bringing in solicitations into Sage 50 and the Number of Distributions is the Number 1 blunder that appears without fail. I've ensured that the number equivalents the quantity of details on the receipt itself. (Ex: 13 line things on the invoice= 13 on Number of Distributions) I've taken a stab at including or subtracting 1, and I've even had a go at removing the cargo line thing and calling this shipment Hand Delivery. I'm out of thoughts and Sage Support via telephone never had any in any case. I simply don't comprehend what I'm fouling up.

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